Visual Alignment

To complement the creative direction of the clothing, we will continue to choose exciting artists from all around the world that we deeply admire, and to commission new, visually striking pieces from them, for show in the public domain.


You might be wondering how we're going to do this? Well, to achieve this aim, each time an item of clothing is bought, a fixed percentage of the profits from that item will be set aside, and then used specifically for the creation and promotion of new art/artists new work, or to produce installations and exhibitions, nationally and internationally. 


Art, in all it's wonderful formats, is at the very core of the company.  Alongside the clothes, it's one of the main reasons as to why the company was created. From traditional oil painting to digital projections, theatre to short film, we love it all. 

We want to be able to support artists across all mediums to push themselves, to create new work and  be a part of a global network of talent. We're always looking out for new work and new artists. We can't pretend to know every single project going, but if you know of anything exciting, please feel free to drop us an email and tell us about it. 

We can say with confidence, all art enquiries will be looked into!